Gilligan's Island - Guánica, PR

gilligan island
15 Aug

Gilligan Island, Puerto Rico

Gilligan Island is nicknamed after the famous tv show, is one of Puerto Rico’s gorgeous cays. This magnific video features the pristine island and its healthy mangrove system.

Gilligan Island (Cayo Aurora) offers crystal clear blue turquoise waters, a haven for snorkeling and kayaking.

This cay is part of the Biosphere Reserve of Guanica and it’s managed by the Department of Natural Resources (DRNA). This is Shangri-La for relaxing, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming or if you just want to enjoy nature. The little mangrove island is still one of the unbeaten paths in Puerto Rico. If you visit Puerto Rico during the winter high travel season, you will encounter very few crowds. It will be a little crowded during weekends and summer.

The island is very rustic, only has picnic tables, bbq pits, shaded areas for picnics and a wooden boat dock. There are canals around the island you can explore, with a soothing slow current, the whole island is easy to explore. You can even explore the neighboring small islands with a kayak. It’s also an ideal place to snorkel. The island is surrounded by a beautiful mangrove system, it could be your snorkeling haven because of its crystal clear waters. You may observe schools of tropical fish and a few places with live and healthy coral.Gilligan's Island / Cayo Aurora - Guanica, Puerto Rico

Birds at Cayo Aurora - Guanica, Puerto Rico

Gilligan's Island, Guanica, Puerto Rico


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