National Park Laguna del Condado, Jaime Benitez Some frequented by pet lovers to walk them or people who like jogging. However, the biggest attraction of the National Park Laguna del Condado is the beautiful lagoon. There you can kayak or practice “paddle surfing”. Also, the Condado Lagoon is where athletes from the Canoe and Kayak Federation of Puerto Rico practice. Weekend classes on how to use the kayak are also given. There are signs with information about the flora, fauna and water bodies surrounding the area. In addition, it has benches, a gazebo, free parking, and bathrooms.


La Laguna del Condado is an area of good size. It has residential buildings on one side and the row of mangroves on the other. It is part of the Bay of San Juan. As a result, it is home to a number of species of wildlife, including birds and reptiles. There have even been sightings of manatees there! Because the lagoon is separated from the Atlantic Ocean, except for a small cove, the water in the lagoon is always calm. Hence, this makes it an ideal place for water sports not motorized like kayaking, Stand-up paddle (SUP) and pedal boats.

Condado Lagoon Manatee Encounters


If you haven’t seen a Caribbean Manatee for yourself, you are missing out on something spectacular. These large mammals are often seen in the waters of the Condado Lagoon, where they always attract the attention of onlookers. Their large bodies somewhat resemble a whale. However, they are the cousin of the elephant, which is definitely apparent in their appearance.condado-lagoon

When the Caribbean Manatees are close to the coast, they’re on the hunt for food and fresh water, and both of these can be found in ample amounts around the Condado Lagoon. Manatees thrive on the sea grasses that grow in the shallow waters. Also, they thirst for the pure water from the rivers, undersea aquifers, and rain. The creatures are often referred to as gentle giants, the Caribbean Manatees especially love the seagrass that can be found at the Condado Lagoon, steps from El Canario Lagoon Hotel.

It’s easy to see why the Caribbean Manatee is one of the most cherished animals found in Puerto Rico. Their majestic size and natural grace is an amazing sight to see in person.