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8 Dec

#yestocanario – Terms of Use

Terms of Use:

  1. Authorship: You recognize and represent to El Canario Lagoon Hotel that you are the sole author or have the rights over the picture.
  2. Authorization: By replying to this message with your name, you authorize El Canario Lagoon Hotel to use the picture in any manner and in all media currently known or subsequently devised, identifying you as the author, under the name, pseudonym or sign of your choice. You also grant El Canario Lagoon Hotel the right to duplicate the picture, incorporate it in whole or in part into El Canario Lagoon Hotel publications, and exploit and distribute the picture and versions of the picture in the Territory during the Term, as defined below. Your reply to this message shall be considered your electronic signature, waiving the right of integrity regarding the picture and granting El Canario Lagoon Hotel the right to adapt, rearrange, add to, and subtract from the picture, and to combine the picture with other materials, music or recordings.
  3. Term: Perpetuity.
  4. Territory: Worldwide.
  5. Exclusivity: Non-exclusive.
  6. Compensation: You will not receive any monetary compensation from El Canario Lagoon Hotel and El Canario Lagoon Hotel will not commercially use the picture for economic profit.
  7. Release: You forever release El Canario Lagoon Hotel and waive any potential claim against El Canario Lagoon Hotel for any alleged violation of copyrights or moral rights in relation with the use, modification, and dissemination of the picture. As well, in case that your image appears on the picture, you consent to the use of your image by El Canario Lagoon Hotel and waive any claim under the right of publicity or personality rights.


This Rider is attached to and hereby made part of the contract between Lagoon Vista Hotel LLC. d/b/a El Canario Lagoon Hotel and I. I acknowledge and accept that Lagoon Vista Hotel LLC has the right to grant a sublicense over the Work to third parties to use, edit, reproduce, or otherwise take advantage of the Work for purposes aligned with Lagoon Vista Hotel LLC vision and mission. I represent and warrant that I comply and will comply with Lagoon Vista Hotel LLC Social Media Policy with respect to the Work, as that Policy exists or as it may be amended from time to time.

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