Why is Puerto Rico great?

Visitors give some reasons.
Puerto Rico Great
3 Aug

Why is Puerto Rico great? Visitors give some reasons.

Why is Puerto Rico great?

What makes Puerto Rico great you may ask. We love to toot our own horn but today we will let various visitors from Trip Advisor answer that question.

As said by visitors from all over the world:

  • I think what makes Puerto Rico such a great destination is not the one thing that you can do there but not on any other Caribbean, but the notion that you can do almost all the activities of the caribbean within the islands of Puerto Rico. Whether it’s history and culture, fine dining and the arts, water, boating and fishing from the typical to the extreme, or hiking high in the rain/cloud forests or the UN designated dry forest in Guanica, Puerto Rico offers a rich and varied host of activities that allows you to have it all.
  • I just got back from 9 days in Puerto Rico and loved it. We spread our trip out over several different areas and i think that really makes it different than other islands in the carribean. To me it offered so much variety you never got bored and i am already planning on returning to go to the places we didnt get to this trip. I would also agree with the above post the vieques/biobay was unbelievable. We only spent two nights there and we did the biobay but the island in general was really a lot of fun and provided unlimited exploration. To make the experience though you must have a car to get around anywhere in puerto rico and to me that was the best part.
  • One word …………. Mofongo. It’s delicious. Along with all the other great food available. Other than eating my way through the island, there is so much that I love about it. The people are fantastic. The weather is beautiful and not too blazing hot like other islands. So much diversity in the landscape. Mountains in the middle, rainforest in the east, karst up north. The only thing that too many people know of PR is San Juan. San Juan has it’s charms, but there is so much more to the island. It would be a shame to go there and not explore beyond San Juan.
  • I love Puerto Rico because there is so much more to do there, than on other Caribbean islands. I also like the large number of historic buildings. Not many people realize that Old San Juan is older than virtually every city on the US Mainland, and there are streets in Old San Juan that have been there for 500 years. I also really enjoyed El Morro, which I thought was more interesting than any of the forts I’ve toured in Europe.

Watch this video and see for yourself why is Puerto Rico great.

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