Cueva del Indio / Indian's cave

cueva del indio
28 Aug

Cueva del Indio – Extraordinary Puerto Rico

Cueva del Indio or the indian’s cave: It might be hard to believe if you stick and stay in San Juan, confining your Puerto Rico travel experiences to the beautiful beaches, casino resorts, nightlife, and historic Spanish colonial haunts, but there still exist quite a number of spots around the island where you can tap into the Caribbean’s ancient Taino Indian spirit.

La Cueva del Indio is one you shouldn’t miss.

Set along the hardscrabble north coast in Arecibo, La Cueva was carved into the limestone by the sea hundreds of years ago; LONG before Columbus was even a gleam in his parents’ eyes.

Taino Indians convened here, a series of petroglyphs still adorning the walls illustrating the ancient importance of this place.

Getting here is a breeze, though actually climbing down into the cave can be a bit of a challenge. The cave actually opens up to the sky, so you have to climb down a rickety old ladder to get down to the bottom. This can get tricky, especially when surf conditions are rough, though it’s nothing an intrepid uncommon traveler equipped with solid shoes (think sneakers, not flipflops) can’t handle.

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